Every family in Rhode Island knows someone who has or had cancer. What they may not know is how The Partnership To Reduce Cancer in RI has likely impacted that person and their family either directly or indirectly, through our cancer prevention, advocacy, education, and supportive services. Since 2007 the Partnership has brought together over 3000 doctors, nurses, researchers and cancer survivors at Annual Summits and webinars, advocated successfully for legislative bills that raised to age 18 admittance to tanning salons, and increased access to genetic counseling.

On Thursday June 15th, T.J. Del Santo is MCing the Parthership to Reduce Cancer’s fundraising event – Spring into Summer – from 6pm to 10pm at the Narragansett Beach Clubhouse.

There will be mocktails, buffet, raffle, auction packages and live music by the Driftwoods, a local Beachboys tribute band.  

Buy tickets here.