East Greenwich, R.I. (THE RHODE SHOW) – During the cold winter months, keeping kids active and engaged can be challenging, but there are countless reasons to limit the screen time and keep them physically moving.

Having an outlet to release their energy is something that Phys. Ed. Teacher Matt Taylor says can help kids focus and concentrate in other areas of their lives.

“There’s multiple benefits to staying active, especially for children….mind, body, spirit. It gets your brain firing, your blood flowing. It helps kids concentrate. It helps them stay calm. It really teaches them about their body overall especially fine gross motor skills. And there’s a ton of activities when they are cooped up inside that they can do,” says Taylor.

Coach Taylor gets creative during indoor recess time with his students at Rocky Hill Country Day and says these are all games and activities you can incorporate in your home. Other ideas from include jump ropes, jump bands, simple bean bags for practice balancing, as well as a yoga mat to help find moments of mediation.