Ms. Pejic returns to Rhode Island to teach etiquette classes to our youth. On Sunday, May 6th The Etiquette Academy of New England will host two classes at the Renaissance Providence Hotel.

The morning class, Etiquette Boot Camp for Children (ages 7-12), is an interactive, thought-provoking and fun four-hour program designed to help reinforce a child’s basic etiquette, conversation techniques, and table manners. Children learn how to start and maintain conversations with adults and peers, how to introduce themselves, when to interrupt and more. They also learn how to set the table, use their napkin, pass food and use utensils the European and American way.
The afternoon class is called How to Adult Class for Teens (ages 13-17). This four-hour workshop introduces young adults to what it means to act in a mature and professional manner, and will prepare them for college, internships and their professional life ahead. The topics covered are interview etiquette, business dress code, cell phone etiquette at home and in public, and mature table manners. Participants will also learn how to make small talk with adults and peers, and positive communication skills such as omitting overuse of the word “like” from their vocabulary.

Both programs enforce the concept that youth should be held to higher standards, and our teachings are designed to influence students to lead by example and promote manners and respect within their community.