Executive Chef Kevin Des Chenes joined us in The Rhode Show kitchen to show us how to make his Zeppoli


  • 3lbs-ricotta cheese
  • 6-eggs
  • 3/4c-sugar
  • 2tsp-vanilla extarct
  • 3c-Flour
  • 3T-B.Powder


  1. Wisk eggs well then mix with vanilla and sugar and mix well again.
  2. Add all ingredients together and lightly mix or fold together until well blended but do not mix hard or the integrity of the ricotta will be lost.
  3. Using a 2oz Ice Cream Scoop, place batter into 325 degree oil for about 3 min
  4. Carefully remove with stainless steel strainer, let excess oil dry, then roll in sugar.
  5. These can be filled with any type of filling you like (using a squeeze bottle) including Jelly, Spiced apple, crème anglaise or Chocolate