With all of that Halloween candy left over, or brought home from the kids’ night of trick-or-treating, you may be wondering what to do with all of it!Mom blogger, Courtney Caligiuri from The Mod Mommy, joined The Rhode Show Monday to share some creative uses for the leftovers.Some of Courtney’s ideas:

1. Take out candy your family doesn’t like or can’t eat and separate from the rest…maybe save that for friends at work or to serve at your next gathering.

2. Identify candy you could use for baking or decorating. Ideas: pancakes, cupcakes, cookies, cakes, holiday bark.

3. Have a family night sundae bar and use candy for toppings.

4. Save it for holiday gingerbread houses.

5. Create a Halloween wreath for next year.

6. Potty train!

7. Put the candy on a top shelf reserved for babysitters.

8. Save for a birthday party.

9. Donate it.