FOXBORO, Mass. (WPRI) – The New England Revolution have started training for the 2023 season. After plenty of close matches a season ago, Cranston native Damien Rivera and company understand that the chemistry needs to be built now.

“We, you know, want to be a good team, you know, defensively and offensively. And I think that comes with you know, getting chemistry as we go throughout preseason and building fitness and things like that. And, you know, preseason will help us definitely.”

The Revs lost 9 matches last season by 1 goal, giving Defender Dave Romney another reason to turn the ball back up the pitch.

“Coming to here, just try to use as many shots as possible. A lot of close games for this team last year. And so just every goal counts, whether we’re winning 2110, something like that, and so just do my best to feed the ball to the midfielders attackers as quickly as I can, because they’re the ones who have the talent quality on top and then me just do my job and he goes over the back of our net.”

Another piece holding the Revaluation back last season, was a lack of depth in certain roles on the pitch. Fourth year veteran Matt Polster is excited to have some new blood competing for the Red and Blue.

“The staff has done a good job of bringing some players in some new blood. And that’s going to make more competition within spots. And I think that’s what they we lacked a little bit last year, actually, you know, we had to rely on the same guys each game and this year. I think with the players we have, it’ll be difficult to, for guys to find the spot.”

The Revs were the donned the best team in Major League Soccer two seasons ago, winning the organizations first ever Supporter’s Shield.