Which Catwoman statue is best?

Catwoman is a leather-clad burglar who appears in comic books published by DC Comics and in “Batman” films. She’s been around since the “Batman” #1 comic in 1940, and has been portrayed as both a hero and a villain, depending on the writer and artist, but is most often depicted as an antihero. She has become so popular with the public that she’s been included in many different forms of media, including movies, statues, action figures and video games. 

The best Catwoman statue is the Diamond Select Toys “Batman Returns” Catwoman Figure, which shows Michelle Pfeiffer’s depiction of the iconic cat burglar from Tim Burton’s 1992 film. She’s standing in an action pose, whip in hand on a snowy Gotham rooftop.

What to know before you buy a Catwoman statue

Catwoman’s origin story

Catwoman is the alter ego of Selina Kyle. She’s portrayed working several jobs, depending on which film you’re seeing or comic book you’re reading. In “Batman Returns,” she works as an executive assistant, but she’s also been depicted as working in the sex industry and as a flight attendant. Her cat persona comes from her pension for thievery and the phrase she often utters, “Cat got your tongue?” 

It’s said that she once lived on the streets and resorted to stealing to survive. As her passion for burglary grew, she began studying martial arts and became experienced at being light on her feet. Eventually, she would fully embrace the Catwoman aesthetic.

Catwoman’s costume

Catwoman first appeared in “Batman” #1 as a villain. She’s typically depicted as wearing a tight-fitting leather black bodysuit and is often seen with claws on her gloves. She also often wears high heels without stockings or tights. One of her best-known accessories is a cat o’ nine tails whip, which she uses on both criminals and people who upset her — such as Batman. 

In recent decades, Catwoman has been portrayed as an anti-hero. With that change in her character, she has also adopted different outfits, seen throughout the comic books of DC Comics.

Statues vs. action figures

There are a few differences between a statue and an action figure. 

  • Action figures are designed for just that, action. They have moveable arms, legs and heads meant to strike different poses for imaginary play. 
  • Statues are designed to stay in one position and sit on a display shelf. They are also often made with higher quality, including better paint, muscle detail and poses. 

Most Catwoman figures depict her acting out a scene from a movie, TV show, video game or comic book.

What to look for in a quality Catwoman statue

Catwoman’s weapon accessories

Every comic book character has their own accessory that perfectly complements their style. Catwoman’s favorite toy is hard to miss, in comics, movies, and even with her statues: the whip, which the best Catwoman statues replicate in some way. Catwoman’s whip is either a cat o’ nine tails or a bullwhip. It’s not just a decoration — it’s also an important part of the design. 

In Catwoman’s stories, the whip can be used in combat or to scale walls and buildings during her robberies. Catwoman uses it to disarm opponents, retrieve items from high places and even carry people over long distances with ease.

Catwoman’s film statues

If you’re looking for an easily recognizable Catwoman statue, look for one from a popular “Batman” or “Catwoman” film. Michelle Pfeiffer played one of the most popular Catwoman roles in “Batman Returns.” Besides the statue showing the actress posing on a snowy rooftop overlooking Gotham, holding her whip and ready for action — designed well enough that you can tell it’s Michelle Pfeiffer underneath the mask — there’s also a cartoon-like version of this Catwoman where she has exaggerated features and a smirk on her face. 

Anne Hathaway also played the character in “The Dark Knight.” There’s a well-crafted statue where she’s standing on a roof ledge wearing the updated Catwoman mask and cat ears.

Catwoman’s video game statues

Catwoman has appeared in at least five video games over the years. In 2004 Catwoman received her very own game on PlayStation 2. She would go along to appear in the Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe fighting game, the Lego Batman game and a few others. While none of these games were popular enough to warrant a statue, there’s one game that is. 

Injustice: Gods Among Us is a mobile game that takes many of the characters from the DC Universe and pits them against each other in a virtual card game. Catwoman Ame-Comi, as she’s known in the game, is a more cartoon-esque version of the character. This version has spawned a couple of statues. 

How much you can expect to spend on a Catwoman statue

Catwoman statues cost between $48-$80.

Catwoman statues FAQ

Are Catwoman statues collectible?

A. Statues in general are considered collectible. However, many collectors remove their statues from their original packaging for display purposes, which makes them less valuable. 

Is Catwoman’s whip removable in her statues?

A. Unlike action figures, statues are not adjustable. They are designed to depict a specified motion, scene or position. This means that the arms and legs don’t move and the accessories cannot be removed. 

What’s the best Catwoman statue to buy?

Top Catwoman statue

Diamond Select Toys “Batman Returns” Catwoman Statue

Diamond Select Toys “Batman Returns” Catwoman Statue

What you need to know: This statue of Catwoman from the “Batman Returns” movie is highly detailed and impressive. 

What you’ll love: Catwoman is posed on a snowy rooftop which serves as the statue’s platform. She’s holding her iconic whip in one hand as it bends and twists behind her. She’s wearing Michelle Pfeiffer’s handmade Catwoman suit from the film, including the large white stitches throughout the leather outfit. 

What you should consider: This statue is made with PVC plastic instead of stone or ceramic.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top Catwoman statue for the money

Factory Entertainment Catwoman Ame-Comi Statue

Factory Entertainment Catwoman Ame-Comi Statue

What you need to know: This statue comes from the Injustice: Gods Among Us mobile video game featuring a revamped version of Catwoman.

What you’ll love: Catwoman is shown wearing a one-piece black swimsuit-like outfit with a utility belt. She’s wearing a black hat with cat ears and a pair of goggles rests on her forehead. Her whip is held above her as it twirls around her body. 

What you should consider: This depiction of Catwoman may not be recognizable by fans of the classic character. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Diamond Select Toys Catwoman Egyptian Cat Statue

Diamond Select Toys Catwoman Egyptian Cat Statue

What you need to know: This is another unique take on Catwoman as she sits atop a golden head of an Egyptian cat. 

What you’ll love: Catwoman is sometimes known to wear a pair of high-tech goggles that help her see during her burglaries. Here she can be seen wearing such a device over her eyes and a classic all-leather bodysuit. She’s mounted atop a golden cat head with an Egyptian-style design, including gold earrings. 

What you should consider: This statue is not from a specific comic book or Catwoman movie. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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