Which woven hamper is best?

A woven hamper is a great way to contain your laundry or other household goods without compromising style. Depending on what you’re looking for, you can find a variety of woven hampers for use with laundry or other storage solutions, each with its own classic woven style.

The Goodpick Curve Bucket Woven Hamper holds up among the best of woven hampers, offering a unique, space-efficient curve bucket design and beautiful, strong weaving.

What to know before you buy a woven hamper

Location and uses

It can be helpful to consider where you’ll put your woven hamper and how you plan to use it before making your purchase. If you need your woven hamper to fit into a small space, or if you only need to store a few things, buying a model with less storage that takes up less room may be the best choice.

Woven hampers vs. wicker laundry baskets

When using the term “woven hamper,” most are simply referring to cotton-based rope baskets, which are woven together for a soft, albeit sturdy, laundry hamper. Still, other commonly woven hampers may also come in a harder wicker material, which is often also made in a woven configuration. Wicker laundry baskets will tend to be more expensive than their soft, mobile rope hamper counterparts, though they’ll also hold up better to wear and tear in the long run. 


The shape of a woven hamper can alter the functionality of a laundry basket, in addition to adding extra visual elements. For example, curved woven hampers will offer a little bit of extra internal volume while looking slightly more decorative from the outside. Still, others may prefer straight-walled woven hampers or those that are short and wide, allowing just a few key storage items to fit inside.

What to look for in a quality woven hamper

Large capacity

Having a woven hamper with enough capacity to hold your laundry or other stored items is integral, even if you’re getting a small model. On top of being practical, having a woven hamper with a large volume on the inside can also help you save space in your closet, bedroom or otherwise by maximizing the amount of storage available inside.


Perhaps the most important factor is the overall look and style. Because woven hampers are equal parts decorative and functional, most prefer to choose a woven look that fits in with the surrounding decor. Still, styles vary quite significantly, so if you want something specific, you may well be able to find it.


Another important factor of woven hampers is how sturdy they are. Less likely to break than a plastic hamper when full, woven hampers are fairly sturdy and hold up well to use because of their soft rope makeups. Wicker laundry baskets are even more sturdy, though cotton rope woven hampers may also be less likely to keep their shape when empty.

How much you can expect to spend on a woven hamper

Different woven hamper styles will often cost different amounts, depending on the type of weaving, the total volume and the overall style of a given model. While extra small or cheap woven hampers will usually only cost around $20, most average woven laundry hamper models will range from $25-$50.

Woven hamper FAQ

Do woven hampers come with liners?

A. In most cases, soft, rope or cotton-woven hampers will not include liners. However, many woven wicker laundry baskets will include a fabric liner that’s easy to take out and wash when you need to. 

Are woven hampers always used for clothes?

A. Many buyers use woven hampers for storing other things than dirty laundry. Whether you plan to store blankets, toys or something else entirely in yours, woven hampers are versatile and don’t need to be used exclusively for clothes.

What are the best woven hampers to buy?

Top woven hamper

Goodpick Curve Bucket Woven Laundry Hamper with Handles

Goodpick Curve Bucket Woven Laundry Hamper with Handles

What you need to know: With a beautiful cotton thread rope design, this modern woven hamper can hold a ton of laundry and offers a stylish design for any bedroom or closet.

What you’ll love: This hamper stands at 25.6 inches tall and features convenient woven handles on top, making it great for transporting laundry. It also comes in eight different colors, including gray, white, brown and multiple mixed jute colors.

What you should consider: Before filling this hamper up, some users found that this hamper tended to lean or become misshapen due to its height.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top woven hamper for money

Indressme Large Jute Rope Woven Laundry Hamper with Handles

Indressme Large Jute Rope Woven Laundry Hamper with Handles

What you need to know: This simple woven hamper is not only affordable but also includes a nice, three-tone woven rope design with multiple different variations on the contemporary look.

What you’ll love: This jute rope woven hamper is 17.8 inches tall and also comes with comfortable rope handles at the top. This woven hamper can also be bought in several designs, including black and white with jute, pink, gray and others.

What you should consider: Some buyers said this basket had trouble staying round after being shipped.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

La Jolie Muse Rope Woven Hamper Laundry and Storage Basket with Handles

La Jolie Muse Rope Woven Hamper Laundry and Storage Basket with Handles

What you need to know: Offering a woven material made from 100% cotton, this simple woven hamper is a bit smaller than many other hamper models. It also includes upright handles, which make carrying the hamper a breeze.

What you’ll love: Standing at just 16 inches tall, this is a great and affordable hamper pick for those that need something to fit into a specific space. This woven hamper also comes in three different designs, including white and desert, white and gray and white and beige with corn skin.

What you should consider: This woven hamper was a little smaller than some buyers had expected.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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