Which metal spatulas are best?

Whether you’re firing up the grill or churning out Saturday morning pancakes, a spatula is an indispensable kitchen tool. Metal spatulas in particular offer advantages over their silicone or plastic counterparts that make them better suited to barbecued foods as well as delicate fish. Depending on the shape, these specialized metal spatulas can tackle anything from cake decorating to turning ribeye.

What to look for in a metal spatula


The name “spatula” covers a range of cooking implements, and which kind you want is determined by what kind of cooking you’re doing.

  • Turners are the most commonly used spatula shape. They’re handy for flipping pancakes, burgers and more. They’re usually slotted to let grease drain off the food, but solid turners are also available.
  • Grill spatulas are usually shaped like classic turners, but with longer handles to let you keep your distance from a hot grill. They may also feature sturdier, non-slip grips as well as storage options such as hooks for hanging them up.
  • Offset spatulas tend to be smaller and narrower. The blade is bent twice so it’s parallel to the handle, making it adept at smoothing and spreading. They’re useful for frosting desserts.
  • Fish spatulas have a distinct asymmetrical shape and a thinner blade to help you flip delicate foods such as fish without breaking them apart. They’re designed to slide easily under food and turn it gently thanks to the flexible blade.


Stainless steel is the best and most common material for a metal spatula thanks to its ability to resist rust, scratching and warping. For high-heat applications, you may want a metal spatula with a silicone or wooden handle to protect your hand from heat being conducted through the metal.

Double-check while shopping to confirm whether the spatula is dishwasher-safe or hand-wash only. While stainless steel utensils are usually dishwasher-safe, you’ll want to hand-wash your spatula if it has a wood handle.

Spatula features

One popular trait offered by metal spatulas is their ability to chop up food more easily than plastic or silicone models. If you’re cooking ground beef for tacos or chopping up steak for a melt, a metal spatula with sharp, tapered sides can make the task even easier.

Other helpful features to look for in a metal spatula include nonslip or stay-cool handles, serrated edges or a ring or hook to hang the spatula up for storage.

Best metal spatulas

Best Oxo Good Grips Brushed Stainless Steel Turner

Oxo Good Grips Brushed Stainless Steel Turner

With its classic shape and durable construction, this turner is a good pick for a variety of cooking styles. The ergonomic handle features a comfortable non-slip layer on the underside, and the stainless steel body resists scratching.

Sold by Amazon

Best Deiss PRO Metal Spatula with Wooden Handle

Deiss PRO Metal Spatula with Wooden Handle

This sturdy spatula is equally at home in the kitchen or out by the grill. It’s slotted to help food drain and its ergonomic wooden handle is comfortable to hold.

Sold by Amazon

Best Update International Extra-Large Grill Spatula

Update International Extra-Large Grill Spatula

At 16 inches long with a generous 4-inch-by-8-inch spatula blade, this turner can flip large pieces of food with greater ease. One edge is tapered for easier cutting and chopping.

Sold by Amazon

Best Berghoff Essentials Collection Stainless Steel Spatula

Berghoff Essentials Collection Stainless Steel Spatula

This multipurpose spatula is made from 18/10 stainless steel and features a hanging loop for storage. It has a modern-looking grid pattern of drainage holes instead of slats. At nearly 15 inches long, it’s long enough to use comfortably on the stovetop or the grill.

Sold by Home Depot

Best Weber Original Wide Spatula

Weber Original Wide Spatula

Need to move a personal pizza off the grill? The head of this spatula measures 7.2 inches across, making it the right tool to tackle large pieces of food or even multiple pieces at once.

Sold by Amazon and Home Depot

Best Oxo Good Grips Grilling Precision Turner

Oxo Good Grips Grilling Precision Turner

The extra-thin, beveled spatula head makes it easy to flip delicate foods such as fish. It features a nonslip grip and a metal ring to hang it up for storage.

Sold by Macy’s

Best AdeptChef Stainless Steel Fish Spatula

AdeptChef Stainless Steel Fish Spatula

This thin and flexible spatula features wide slots for efficient drainage and thin edges for easier flipping. Use it for delicate, lightweight foods such as fried eggs or thin fish fillets.

Sold by Amazon

Best Wilton Icing Spatula

Wilton Icing Spatula

This narrow 13-inch offset spatula is a must-have to easily decorate cakes and other large baked goods. The blade itself measures 6.5 inches. It features a comfortable ergonomic plastic handle for better control.

Sold by Amazon


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