WASHINGTON (NEXSTAR) — The 117th session of Congress is officially underway, but one district in the U.S. House isn’t currently being represented.

New York’s 22nd Congressional District remains up for grabs as incumbent Rep. Anthony Brindisi, D-New York, continues to battle it out in court against Republican challenger Claudia Tenney regarding nearly 2,500 rejected ballots.

“We want the voices of the people to be heard,” Brindisi said. “What I’m focused on right now is really the challenged ballots that are out there before the court.”

The court proceedings have carried on for months, leaving the district without representation as work gets underway.

“Hopefully this process can move forward quickly so we can send someone back,” Brindisi said.

But Brindisi’s pursuit to retain control of the seat must come from behind, as Tenney is currently leading by 29 votes. She argues Brindisi is trying to stretch the law too far.

“We agree to having every legal vote counted,” Tenney said. “I think that what they’re trying to do is re-create a new law by allowing people who aren’t registered to vote, for example, to have their votes counted.”

Tenney said it could be months before there is an outcome.

“I hope a resolution happens very quickly so that we can get back to representation,” she said.

In the meantime, both candidates said there is staff in Washington, D.C. that will assist constituents.