EAST PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WPRI) — Each conversation could be the last.

That is the scene described by a Ukrainian relative of 12 News reporter Brittany Schaefer.

“I communicate with my family every day,” Schaefer’s cousin said. “Each of our conversations end with words of love and goodbyes forever.”

This comes after almost three months since the Russian invasion began. Ukraine has managed to keep control of most of the country, excluding much of the southeastern Russian-occupied border. According to the United Nations, as of Monday, more than 3,000 Ukrainian civilians have been killed since the start of the war.

Schaefer’s cousin, who did not want to be identified due to safety concerns, has fled to Poland. Some of her family members are on the front lines, while her parents and siblings decided to stay in their lifelong home of Zaporizhia in southeastern Ukraine.

Just 10 miles away, the territory is under Russian control. Her brother-in-law decided to risk his life and joined the fighting.

“We are all very worried about him,” her cousin said. “He’s a hero for our family and for residents of our town. He tells us of the terrible things he sees on the front lines — dead bodies in the bunkers along with living people because they were not able to get medical attention in time.”

Schaefer’s cousin, a woman in her twenties, described of shortage of essential supplies: food, water and even night vision monoculars for Russia’s overnight attacks. Her cousin is attempting to help her family any way she can.

“I’m currently in Poland,” she said. “I was able to find a good fifth plus bulletproof vest and helmet in Belgium. He’s already using it. People have no food, no water for more than two weeks. It’s hell on Earth.”

The relative previously lived in Russia with her husband. She said the war has created division.

“I left Russia. My husband stayed there. I’m not sure that we will be able to be together again,” she said. “This month has been a test for me. This war showed who we really are. I know a lot of Russians, but I still don’t understand why do they think we deserve this. My heart is breaking in pain. We pray for this to end.”