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Truck carrying 30 million bees overturns in Texas

PARIS, Texas (WPRI) -- Multiple agencies were buzzing with activity after a truckload of bees overturned on a Texas highway earlier this week.

According to the Paris Police Department, the semi-trailer truck was carrying approximately 30 million bees on US 271 and Loop 286 when it overturned, sending them swarming into the air and clustering on road signs.

First responders worked to redirect traffic and clear away containers and wreckage. Police ended up calling in local bee keepers to help move the bees to a safer location. It took hours for crews to clean up and remove the bees.

"We train for many different hazardous material releases which occur in vehicle crashes, we don't recall one for trucks hauling bees," Paris police said on its Facebook page.

Police said the truck driver was not injured in the crash, but several first responders were stung in the process of removing the bees.

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