PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WPRI) ─ Amin Faqiry has worked as an interpreter for the United States military for the better part of a decade in Afghanistan.

Faqiry is hiding out in a small apartment in Kabul with his pregnant wife and four children. He tells 12 News he’s been trying to leave Afghanistan for five years, but the Taliban’s recent takeover now has him rushing to get his family to safety.

“The situation here is very bad, people are scared for their lives,” Faqiry said.

“The United States, they just abandoned Afghanistan. They pulled out their troops, and the government fell into the Taliban’s hands very quick,” he added.

The 31-year-old has been documenting the unfolding situation for his friend Jonathan, a Rhode Islander he knows through the nonprofit organization “No One Left Behind.”

Since Jonathan is a Rhode Island resident, Faqiry is hoping he can eventually join him. Despite being thousands of miles away, Faqiry said Jonathan has helped take care of his family for many years.

“We want to be a family to Jonathan, because he has been a family to me,” Faqiry said. “When I come to the [United States], I want to be his backbone and be his soldier to help him … he’s doing the best he can, but I still want to be beside him because he has been beside me the whole time.”

Faqiry said if he and his family are able to escape to the United States, he hopes to study at a university and help people back in his home country in any way he can.