(WPRI) — Sen. Jack Reed is imploring United States citizens in the Middle East to get in contact with United States embassies there.

Reed said those traveling in the region should make embassies aware that they’re in the country, especially after Hamas’ unprecedented and unexpected attack on Israel.

“All of our embassies are gearing up in for any unpredicted events,” Reed explained.

Travelers should get in contact with embassies to also establish a communication link.

“That is absolutely essential, particularly in these difficult times,” Reed said.

There is speculation that Lebanon could become involved in the war. But Lebanon does not currently have an ambassador at their embassy, according to Reed.

“The embassy is trying to identify American citizens there,” he said, adding that travelers in Lebanon are urged to contact the embassy as a precaution.

He also encouraged Americans overseas to enroll in the  Smart Traveler Enrollment Program (STEP) and stay up-to-date on the situation through the embassy in Israel.

Reed said his team is actively working with Rhode Islanders who have relatives and loved ones in Israel. Those in need of resources and critical information can contact Reed’s office at (401) 943-3100.

“I make it my mission to assist Rhode Islanders traveling abroad,” Reed said. “If any Rhode Islanders or their family members are in Israel and need emergency assistance, I am here to help.”