PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WPRI) — If you plan on traveling Memorial Day weekend, now is the time to book your flight, according to AAA.

Data compiled by AAA reveals that the best time to buy a plane ticket for Memorial Day weekend is two weeks before takeoff.

“If you wait until the week of Memorial Day or the week before Memorial Day, you are paying almost double for flights, so that’s where that average of $445 dollars jumps to almost $900,” AAA’s Diana Gugliotta said.

The average cost per plane ticket is $160 more this year than compared to last year, according to AAA. This year, there will also likely be a high volume of travelers, even with inflation and soaring gas prices.

“Travel sales overall are up 122% over last year, and that accounts for flights, hotels, cruise packages and rental cars,” Gugliotta said.

Top destinations for Memorial Day weekend include Orlando, Seattle, Miami and Las Vegas, according to AAA.

Gugliotta said part of the reason why prices are skyrocketing is due to a worker shortage.

“They’re having an issue with their workforce … not everyone has returned to work,” Gugliotta explained. “Everyone is a little bit strapped for help these days.”

Gugliotta recommends travelers to consider purchasing travel insurance since the airline industry has been rebooking or canceling flights.

“Some people will just protect portions of the trip, like their hotel and their airfare, but they are willing to roll the dice on tour destinations,” Gugliotta said.