TAMPA, Fla. (WPRI) — While Hurricane Ian forced thousands in Florida to flee from their homes, some chose to stay and ride out the storm.

Narragansett resident Laurie Cianci lives part-time in Fort Myers and showed 12 News the devastation caused by the Category 4 hurricane during a video call.

Six carports in her condo complex were destroyed, while some vehicles were crushed by those structures or trees. Cianci said the storm surge uprooted street lights from the concrete and knocked down palm trees.

Hurricane Ian made landfall Wednesday, leaving millions without electricity and at least one person dead.

Massachusetts native Debbie Boulay, who lives in the same complex, said the community is rallying through the crisis.

“Great community here,” Boulay said. “Everybody is pulling for each other and helping make sure everybody has been checked in their condos, taking food out of the freezers and cooking them up for everybody. We are really pulling together as a team.”

Cianci said they have continued to receive emergency alerts.

“They are sending us alerts, generators are emitting carbon monoxide gas,” she said. “Keep them at least 20 feet from your home.”

Eighty-year-old Sandy Sultar, who sought shelter with her grandson at the complex, said she’s worried about what she’ll find when she returns home.

“I thought I’d be here maybe a week by the time they restored power,” Sultar said. “Now, of course, the Causeway is gone, so I don’t even know if I still have a house.”

Watch: Aerial footage of damage in Florida from Lee County sheriff (story continues below)

Another Rhode Islander, 12 News editor Wendy Curtis, is currently in Florida, and it wasn’t the vacation she was expecting.

“It’s not beach weather, that’s for sure,” Curtis said. “Heavy, heavy heavy, winds, lots of torrential rain, lots of damage here in Bradenton. Branches down, trees down, street signs down.”

Most businesses are also down, according to Curtis.

“Sign here on the door says, ‘Closed due to weather,'” she added. “And as you can see, everything is closed.”