EAST PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WPRI) — Following the pandemic, people are daring to see more of the world once again, according to AAA Northeast.

AAA Northeast said international booking data so far this year is up 200% compared to 2022. Hotel bookings, in particular, went up 300%.

The spike in demand has also driven up international flight prices by 30%, according to AAA Northeast.

“Travelers are making up for lost time and willing to spend more to see the world,” AAA Northeast’s Cyndi Zesk said. “If you do your homework and rely on travel experts, like AAA travel advisors, there are deals to be had. But the key is giving yourself plenty of time to plan ahead.”

Where are people going when they leave the country? AAA Northeast said Europe and Canada are the trending destinations right now. Trips to London, the most popular of all, are up 350%. Those traveling to Canada are usually going to Vancouver, Toronto or Calgary, according to AAA Northeast.

“There’s nothing like going abroad,” Zesk added. “There’s excitement this year for international travel but also a lot of questions about everything from passports to travel insurance.”

Cruises also seem to be making a comeback, AAA Northeast said, as those bookings are up 30%. Northern Europe, the Caribbean and the Mediterranean are the most popular destinations in that category.

Amid the spike, AAA Northeast is reminding those looking to travel abroad to hang onto their passport. If renting a car, travelers should also see if the country has an International Driving Permit (IDP) to drive legally. AAA Northeast also recommends travel insurance.