NEWTOWN, Conn. (WPRI) — Monday marked three years since the shooting rampage at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut.

On the day in 2012, a heavily-armed gunman stormed into the school – shooting and killing 26 people.

Twenty of the victims were first-graders and the other six were adult educators.

This year is the first time the anniversary has fallen on a school day. Newtown school officials said they would address the significance of the date with a moment of silence in the middle and high schools.

Counselors were made available to students and staff. They have also offered advice for parents on how to address the tragedy with younger children.

An interfaith community service, including prayers, music and lighting of candles, will be held Monday night at a Newtown church.

Meanwhile, a new analysis by the Associated Press, shows gun laws across much of the U.S. have actually been relaxed in the years following the Newtown shooting.