WASHINGTON (MEDIA GENERAL) – On Tuesday, five candidates hoping to become the Democratic party’s nominee for President of the United States engaged in their first televised national debate.

While ratings are not expected to be record-breaking for CNN, there were plenty of moments worth a mention.

Below are our top highlights from the Las Vegas debate.

1. “The American People Are Tired of Hearing about Your Damn Emails”: Bernie Sanders came rushing to the defense of Hillary Clinton during Tuesday’s debate in the wake of the scandal over her personal e-mail servers. Clinton even decided to extend a handshake and thanks to her closest competitor. Watch here:

2. Trump, Trump, and More Trump: Leave it to the man who’s leading the opposition to weigh in the most during Tuesday’s debate. On Twitter, Trump criticized the entire event and even called out some candidates by name.

3. Only in Las Vegas: Organizers decided to ramp up the star power of the debate by having singer Sheryl Crow perform the national anthem to start. Sure she’s no Celine Dion or Elton John – but heck, its Vegas, a town that loves a good show. Watch here:

4. I didn’t know what I was voting on: In a very unusual answer, former Senator Lincoln Chafee says he didn’t understand what he was voting on when he first got to the Senate and claimed his dad’s death at the time was weighing on him while in the job. More on Chafee’s debate performance »

5. What does it mean to be a socialist? Sen Bernie has been facing questions on the campaign trail about what it means to be a socialist? It may sound like a strange word to hear from a Presidential hopeful, on Tuesday Sanders tried to clarify what he’s talking about.