COVENTRY, R.I. (WPRI) – It was a tearful reunion for a Coventry couple, finally reunited with their three young children after living hundreds of miles apart during the pandemic.

Meghan and her husband Rob are both pharmacists.

“He would come home after a 10-12 hour shift he would immediately get changed in the garage, throw the clothes in the washer and go up and take a shower. When he was up in the shower, I would go through the house and disinfect everything,” said Meghan.

For fear of exposing the kids to Covid 19, the Marshalls had to make a tough choice.

Meghan said, “During the pandemic we made the difficult decision to send our three kids to my parents in New York, who live three hours away.

Seven-year-old twin boys, Liam and Aidan and 10-year-old sister, Grace went to live with Meghan’s parents.

“We originally told them it was going to be a week, and then we told them 2 weeks. It was a very fluid situation. We didn’t know when we would see them again,” she said.

It was a heart wrenching daily struggle.

“We would Facetime with them every night and sometime they didn’t want to talk to us. I think it grew old very quickly.” She continued, “We missed Easter and we missed the boys 8th birthday, and we missed Mother’s Day.”

Then finally they were reunited.

“We packed up the car and it was a moment I can’t describe. Because we were able to see our kids and we are actually able to physically hold them and the hugs haven’t stopped.”

After nearly 3 months, of being hundreds of miles apart, they were once again in each other’s arms.

“This one has never been detached from the umbilical cord. He’s always a love bug and a snuggle bug,” Meghan smiled and said.

This weekend the family is planning a parade celebrating the homecoming, the twins 8th birthday, along with sister Grace’s birthday, who’s turning 11 on Friday, June 19.

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