NEWPORT, R.I. (WPRI) — Last year, the Newport St. Patrick’s Day Parade was interrupted by rain.

This weekend, the festivities saw no such thing – as people came out in the sunshine to celebrate the parade’s 60th year.

“It’s a fun morning because it’s Newport and it’s the one time everybody comes out to play,” said Lilia Jeovanna. “It’s really just fun, it’s whimsical.”

The shamrocks and bagpipes are, of course, an annual comfort – but so are the family traditions.

“Our dad was a fireman, so he used to march in the parade when we were kids,” said Lori Brennan Becker. “That always brings back great memories for us.”

Becker said her family doesn’t mess around when it comes to Irish pride at the parade, saying they were well-represented on Saturday.

“Between the Brennans and the Loftuses – probably like 100,” she said.

Parade-goers said the best part about the festivities is celebrating their heritage – being Irish.

The 60th-anniversary parade travelled from Newport City Hall to Saint Augustine’s Church in the heart of the city’s fifth ward.