TAUNTON, Mass. (WPRI) — Greta Ferreira was visiting Brick Marketplace in Newport when a colorful art installation caught her eye.

The Taunton florist noticed the canopy of colorful umbrellas magically suspended over Goddard Row.

“I was inspired,” Ferreira recalled. “I said, ‘This would look great in Taunton.'”

Ferreira created her own “Umbrella Sky” in the alleyway next to her Main Street flower shop. The art installation is based off the “Umbrella Sky Project,” which originated in Portugal.

The colorful umbrellas are a perfect tie-in with Ferreira’s flower shop, Studio 27, which exhibits its own pop of color.

In front of the canopy of umbrellas is a banner that reads, “Flowers remind us that rain is so necessary.” Ferreira said it’s a saying that she believes connects the umbrellas to her love of flowers.

“I have always called flowers nature’s fireworks,” Ferreira said. “It’s all the colors.”

“Umbrellas are [also] a symbol of protection, which is great,” she added.

Ferreira, who is also vice chair of the Downtown Taunton Foundation, said she’s always looking for ways to breathe new life into the city.

“I love art, nature and color,” Ferreira said. “I recreated the ‘Umbrella Sky’ in Taunton as a way to bring color and beauty to downtown and make everyone smile.”

“[The umbrella installation] makes you look up and appreciate the moment,” she added.

Ferreira said the community’s response to the art installation has been unbelievable.

“I’ll see [people] walk by the shop and when they notice the umbrellas, a big smile comes to their faces,” Ferreira said. “It makes me feel great that we’re bringing happiness to the community.”

Ferreira said the art installation will be on display for the rest of the summer, and encouraged everyone to swing by and appreciate her take on the “Umbrella Sky.”

“Stop, smile, and enjoy the moment,” she said.