WARWICK, R.I. (WPRI) — For 25 years, the Lewis family has gone all out decorating their front yard for the holidays.

And Everett Lewis said this year is no exception.

The front lawn of Lewis’ Shenandoah Road home is covered in more than 47,000 lights, among countless other holiday decorations.

Those lights, according to Lewis, are synchronized to music. Anyone who wishes to listen in while driving by his Christmas display can do so by tuning their car radio to 106.9 FM.

Lewis said people from all across the state make it a point to check out his display every year, and while it’s free to anyone who wants to stop by, he’s used it as an opportunity to raise money for a cause close to his heart.

Since he started decking out his front yard, Lewis has raised more than $17,000 for The Autism Project in honor of his late brother Ricky.

Lewis said his brother was 18 years old when he died from a brain tumor.

“He had seizures, and I don’t think they actually knew what he had, but he always loved Christmas,” Lewis recalled. “It was important to him to enjoy Christmas and when we were kids, we enjoyed spending that time with him.”

Lewis said Ricky regularly attended The Autism Project’s Camp Wannagoagain, which is a summer camp for those with special needs.

“They help the kids enjoy the camp, and it’s something they can’t do on their own,” Lewis explained, adding that a portion of the money raised from his display goes specifically toward an experience his brother loved.

Lewis said his family is grateful for the support they’ve received over the years, and every year, he thinks of his brother while setting up the display.

When asked what Ricky would’ve thought of the decorations, Lewis said, “I think he would have been thrilled to see the lights and how they danced to the music, and people listening in their cars. I think those things he would have enjoyed.”

Lewis said he plans on lighting up his display until Dec. 26, but if Tony Petrarca predicts favorable weather, he may decide to keep it going until New Year’s Eve.

Visit the Lewis family’s website to learn more about their Christmas display.