PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WPRI) — Former Red Sox pitcher Curt Schilling has been taking aim at cyberbullies who made shocking statements about his daughter on Twitter, and on Tuesday he took that fight to people critical of his response.

It all started last week when Schilling sent out a tweet congratulating his daughter on being accepted to Salve Regina University in Newport. The tweet was soon met with numerous vulgar and even sexually explicit responses, which outraged Schilling and his wife, Shonda.

“These were people who were malicious, who don’t like me, who tried to destroy my daughter,” he said.

“It destroyed me inside,” added Shonda. “This should have been a happy time for her, a proud achievement for her, and she was hurt and angry and mortified and I didn’t know how to fix it for her.”

Schilling channeled his outrage online, outing some of the commenters on his “38 Pitches” blog and confronting others on Twitter. On Wednesday, he posted a lengthy blog entry going after his detractors, and in the process defended his role in the 38 Studios scandal – insinuating that others were to blame for the disastrous business deal.

Get on me, rag me all you want. People from Rhode Island? Until everything comes out I can’t fault you one bit for saying the things you say and being angry about how that all ended. You have every right to be pissed, I am. When the full story is told I don’t think you’ll be any less angry, likely you’ll be more, but I do believe the direction of that anger will adjust itself. It doesn’t matter to you but that company was the biggest thing I’ve ever tried and had almost 300 people and their families that I cared deeply about. Ending the way it did could not have been farther from what and how it should have.

That’s mainly on me, I can’t walk away, and haven’t, from that. I’ve lost too many times to count in life, it’s what solidifies the love of winning and desire to be great. I’ve never failed, until 38. The only way to fail something is to quit, or have it taken away. I didn’t steal 1$. In fact I never ever took even a penny from that company, ever. Ya I did lose over 50 million dollars of my own and that’s on me. The state had a desire for us to move there and made an offer every single person reading this would have taken.

The state of Rhode Island is currently suing Schilling and more than a dozen other defendants in an effort to recoup some of the tens of millions of taxpayer dollars lost when the video game company went under.

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