EAST PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WPRI) – A local teacher’s snow sculpting talents are going viral after sharing and inspiring others to get outside and get creative.

Katina Gustafson says art is always something that has anchored her saying, “I think even in the first grade is when I told my family I wanted to be an art teacher.”

The Riverside Middle School teacher’s artwork giving her overnight fame after being seen by millions – appearing on national news outlets including Good Morning America.

“My neighbors they hate the snow but when they are walking by with their dogs they say the only thing I like about the snow is watching you create your artwork. I say thank you, I really do appreciate that. It is amazing that snow, making art with it can impact so many people,” Gustafson stated.

The Coventry native has been showcasing her work online over the last year at her student’s requests.

“People see these beautiful huge artworks and they think they can’t do it but in reality you guys can. You have to get outside. The first snow sculpture might not be the best, that’s okay. You are going to learn from it and just keep going from it,” Gustafson encouraged.

When there isn’t any snow, Gustafson is still outside doing what she does best, just making sidewalk drawings instead.

“It’s just amazing how these small acts of just making art can reach people, it can make people’s day and it’s for everybody,” she smiled and said.

If you want to check out more of katina’s incredible art work it can be found under her ‘Anchored by Art’ accounts on social media.

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