PROVIDENCE (WPRI) – The push to crack down on left lane lollygagging on Rhode Island highways has jumped its first hurdle at the State House.

Lawmakers Thursday approved a bill which would make it illegal to linger in the left lane.

Travel in that lane would only be acceptable if you are passing another car.

Several states, including Massachusetts, New York, and Maine have similar laws already in place, but it only applies on roads with on and off ramps with no traffic lights, like I-95, I-195, and I-295.

The bill’s sponsor, Representative Dennis Canario, says lollygagging can cause several dangerous situations.

“Prohibiting someone from passing causes an unsafe situation for other drivers. It forces that driver into another lane and causes aggression”

Canario cited an AAA study that found aggressive driving was a factor in up to 56% of fatal accidents.

Lawmakers have not spoken with law enforcement about this bill, and they also have yet to come up with a plan to educate drivers, should it pass.

The bill now moves to the Senate.