PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WPRI) — If you filed your taxes and you’re still waiting on a refund from the state of Rhode Island – you’re not alone.

Paul Grimaldi, a spokesperson for the Rhode Island Department of Revenue, said Wednesday there have been delays in the process for several reasons.The agency implemented a new, stricter review process.

“To combat fraud, the Division of Taxation is scrutinizing more returns,” Neena Savage, Acting Tax Administrator, said in a statement. “Such attempts have become more frequent, and their sources range from sophisticated computer attacks to fraudulent persons… Our focus is on making sure refunds get into the right pockets. We’re asking Rhode Islanders for their patience as we work in this era of heightened security.”The DOR updated its computer system.

The updated computer system is combining databases, which increases checks and balances. “Because we have better technology, we can check more things,” said Grimaldi. “We’re also checking things at a lower dollar amount that we might have in the past.”People are filing taxes earlier this year.

To date, the RI Department of Revenue has processed 43,000 more returns compared to this time last year. By the end of February 2016, the agency had issued 145,256 refunds, compared to 119,875 refunds by the end of February 2015.

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