EAST PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WPRI) – Motivational speaker, mentor and now author Don Wilson is helping others through the pandemic by sharing his strategy for success and change.

“I’ve always used this little analogy of my stuffed animal doing sales training. What he represents is that thing you know you need to change to improve, but you keep avoiding it, because what you are doing is comfortable like your ‘Woobie’ was when you were little.”

Wilson was inspired last April, during a sales pitch to write a book titled, ‘What’s Your Woobie? Simple Strategies On Your Uncomfortable Path To New Opportunities.’

Covid 19 was not on the brain of course, but Wilson says the four “A”s formula applies to dealing with the pandemic and just about anything in life that you want to improve.

Wilson saying, “I think the four words do apply. When you talk about ‘Awareness.’ Once you start to realize why you do and why you say the things you do. You get a better understanding of how you reacted to Covid.”

He continued, “Acceptance…..accepting the fact that maybe I was self employed and all of a sudden I can’t work.”

“Then, when you get to ‘Action’ and you get to start talking about meaning goal setting. All of a sudden the big picture goals, if you did set them for the year kind of all went out the window. Now, it’s about maybe everyday is a goal.”

“Then, the ‘Accountability’ piece to me directly applies. That really boils down to being a coach yourself, helping others figure this stuff out and eventually you start helping yourself.”

Wilson says through his book, public speaking and recent Ted Talk, he hopes to inspire others to make a change. He says it would be a shame for any of us to look back at this time during Covid with regrets and realize we didn’t evolve in any meaningful way.