PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WPRI) – A local longtime artist’s new short animated film is helping to raise funds for an organization hit hard during the pandemic.

For the last year, Brian O’Malley has put his heart and soul into his new independent film project.

“Unsheltered. It’s about a young boy who is homeless and he is homeless due to some tragic occurrences related to Covid,” O’Malley explains.

O’Malley who also teaches at CCRI says the 6 min film takes you on a roller coaster of emotions many can relate to – himself included.

“There are times in my life where I was sort of in between, not that I was living on the streets but couch surfing and not really living whatever standard … sort of hand to mouth,” he recalled.

O’Malley deciding to donate half of the money raised by the film to The Holy Family Home for Mothers and Children, located in Providence.

“I live close by and I went by it on my bike all the time and so when I am creating this film I thought, ok it’s time to raise some funds let’s get them on board,” he said proudly.

Giving back and make others aware is very important to him saying, “For me it just raises awareness of being homeless, not having a place to call home that so many of us take for granted, myself included. It’s nice to come home and turn on the heat and wake up in a warm bed and that’s not the case for everybody.”

He plans on presenting the $1,200 donation to the homeless organization on March 15th. The film will be available on Indiegogo and he hopes to showcase it in the community later this year.

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