(WPRI) — Former House Speaker Gordon Fox is scheduled to report to prison on July 7. However, where he’ll report is still unknown.

Eyewitness News spoke with Edmond Ross, spokesman for the Federal Bureau of Prisons, about what goes into deciding which prisoners go where.Q: What factors do you look at when assigning a prison?

A: “We look at the length of sentence, if there is any violence or escape in the individual’s history, either in their current offense or any prior offenses.

“We give due consideration to any judicial recommendation – that is the recommendation of the court – because sometimes we can’t place individuals where the court would request. That’s for any number of reasons, population issues, for instance.

“We look at the programming needs of the individual: If the individual needs specific programming like drug rehab, English as a second language, GED, or anger management.

“If there is a sex offender, do they need to be in a sex offender program?

“We also look at any medical concerns they have, do they need heightened medical care.

“We look at the population management pressures that we have. If this individual wants to go to institution A and it is too crowded but institution B is in the opposite direction [but has room], we’re going to put them in B. But, our practice to attempt to place all inmates within a 500 mile radius of their residence. But that is not always possible because of the things I said.

“If an inmate is max security, if they wish to be at a camp, that is not going to happen.

“They are assigned to a facility that is correct for their security classification needs.”Q: What’s the difference between a camp and other facilities?

A: “A camp is the lowest secure facility, they don’t even have armed perimeter patrols. Inmates can literally walk out any time they want but if they do they will be escape status and be prosecuted, so it’s a disincentive to do that.

“Of course high security are penitentiaries, and we have medium and low between the high and camps.”Q: Do you assign them a security classification?

A: “We review their file. We have an inmate designation center in Texas and they take the file of the inmate and they calculate using different factors, on escape, the offense, the sentence (lower sentence is a lower security). They calculate all of that and come up with classifications.”Q: What about Gordon Fox?

A: “The person you’re talking about, I can’t speak to his case, but he probably doesn’t have any history of violence in his background. So, he shouldn’t probably score out and might be placed at a federal camp.”Q: Is Devens a camp?

A: “There is a camp there in Ayer, Massachusetts at Devens. So there is. You can search all the camps across the BOP on our website.

“You can search for Devens for the initiation orientation handbook. It tells everything about the facility. So it gives a day to day information about that facility.”Q: Gordon Foxis set to report to prison on July 7, is that enough time to determine a facility?

A: “We do a score, a designation, within a few days of receiving the documentation from the court. Usually within a couple of days we determine the facility and that will be communicated to the inmate.”