PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WPRI) — The Rhode Island Sex Offender Registry just received a major financial boost thanks to Sen. Jack Reed.

Reed said Friday that he secured $244,540 in federal funding for improvements to the registry.

The funding will be used to hire personnel, enhance sex offender registration compliance and digitize old records to ensure each sex offender’s record is accurate and can be seamlessly shared among law enforcement agencies.

It will also help the state pay for annual subscription fees for a specialized computer software called OffenderWatch, which is widely used by law enforcement agencies across the country. The program enables police departments to collaborate on investigations and share important information on sex offender cases with each other.

“I am committed to enhancing public safety and holding offenders accountable,” Reed said. “This federal funding will help ensure state and local law enforcement have an accurate, unified system to identify and track convicted sex offenders, keep the public informed and prevent repeat offenses.”

There are currently 1,391 sex offenders in Rhode Island, including those who are incarcerated, according to the registry.