BOSTON (WPRI) — In the week leading up to President Joe Biden’s State of the Union address, some Southern New Englanders may not want him back as a 2024 candidate.

Only 22% of Massachusetts residents say they want Biden to run for re-election, including 35% of self-identified Democrats, according to a new poll conducted by the non-partisan group MassINC Polling Group.

“President Biden’s numbers are not looking good almost halfway through his term,” said Steve Koczela, President of MassINC Polling Group. “Massachusetts was one of his best states in the 2020 election, which makes low support for a reelection bid troubling for his campaign.”

In fact, Bay State residents have a more favorable view of Tom Brady and Bill Belichick than any political candidate.

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This comes as a recent Associated Press poll shows only 37% of Americans want to see Biden as the Democratic nominee in 2024.

12 News political analyst Joe Fleming said Biden’s address sounded more like a campaign speech and was trying to swing the numbers.

“He knew that 70% of the people think the country’s going in the wrong direction, 62% think he hasn’t really accomplished much, his job approval rating is underwater,” Fleming said.

“He was trying to get across to the voters of the United States ‘here’s what I’ve done over these two years, maybe I haven’t sold it as well as I should have in the last two years’ but now he really is trying to push that because that’s going to be his re-election campaign on what he has done and what he wants to do in the future,” he continued.

The poll also showed some voters would like to see Elizabeth Warren make another run for Senate.

Voters were also asked if Tom Brady should retire, which occurred before his announcement to do so, and 41% of voters said yes.

These results are based on a survey of 986 Massachusetts residents. Responses were collected online between Jan. 30 and Feb. 2.