PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WPRI) — Are self-checkout lanes creating more problems than solutions?

That’s what one Rhode Island lawmaker is hoping to address.

Rep. Megan Cotter will soon introduce legislation that would limit the number of self-check out lanes to eight per store and require cashiers to be on hand at all times.

The legislation would also require stores to give shoppers a 10% discount, but only if they buy 10 or more items and use self-checkout.

“I think people feel very strongly about self-check out one way or another, but really this bill is about jobs and its about people over profit,” Cotter said.

Grocery store and retail chains relied heavily on self-checkout lanes throughout the pandemic.

“When you talk about who it’s impacting, it’s not impacting the small mom-and-pop shops or a local chain,” she explained. “It’s impacting box stores.”

Now, Cotter believes shoppers of all ages are feeling the impacts.

“Two years ago, we were praising grocery store workers,” Cotter said. “They were front-line workers, and we need to continue to support them and make sure they have the tools that they need to succeed in life.”

But standing up to massive chains is no easy task.

Regardless of the outcome, Cotter hopes her proposal at least gets everyone thinking about the importance of jobs and social interactions between workers and shoppers.

“I think that this is the beginning of a much larger conversation that we need to have, not only with the legislation but as a society,” she said. “Where are we headed?”

Cotter’s bill has yet to appear in committee meetings.