EAST PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WPRI) – Democrat Michael Neary is dropping out of the race to replace Jim Langevin in Rhode Island’s 2nd Congressional District, citing ongoing health issues.

Neary said he was seeking medical treatment for non-epileptic seizures following his arrest in Ohio in March. He has pleaded not guilty to charges of menacing by stalking and possession of marijuana after he allegedly followed a couple on the highway for roughly 60 miles.

Neary’s announcement Friday comes after he previously told Target 12 he intended to stay in the crowded race despite his legal troubles. In a statement, he said the decision followed “careful consultation and prayer.”

“I am grateful for my family, friends and doctors who have assisted me over the last several weeks and at this time my medical and mental health care must remain a priority, which at this time is still a referral to a neurologist for non-epileptic seizures and an appointment is scheduled for next month,” he said.

Neary said he looks forward to working to elect a Democrat to replace Langevin. Currently Omar Bah, Joy Fox, Seth Magaziner, Cameron Moquin, Sarah Morgenthau and David Segal remain in the race for the Democratic nomination.

Republicans Allan Fung and Bob Lancia are seeking the GOP nomination. The deadline to file is the last week of June.

“I will also be sharing more in the coming days about my recent experiences and returning home as soon as I can,” Neary said. “I am truly thankful for all the memorable moments I have shared with so many incredible people over the last several months and I wish the remaining candidates in the race all the best going forward.”