WASHINGTON, D.C. (WPRI) — The U.S. Senate will be taking up a bill Wednesday that aims to codify women’s access to birth control.

The U.S. House passed similar legislation last week, which safeguards women’s right to obtain and use birth control nationwide.

The “Right to Contraception Act” is sponsored by Democratic Sen. Ed Markey, who urged his colleagues Tuesday to back the bill.

“It is a right grounded in the need and ability to make decisions about one’s own body, one’s own family and one’s own future,” Markey said.

The push to protect contraception use follows the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe v. Wade, which guaranteed women’s right to an abortion.

Justice Clarence Thomas even suggested the Supreme Court revisit the right to contraception and same-sex marriage in the aftermath of the ruling.

Markey believes it’s a preview of what’s to come, which is why lawmakers must act before it’s too late.

“Justice Thomas’s concurring opinion is like a movie trailer for an upcoming horror film that Americans are going to be forced to watch that is written, produced and directed by a captured illegitimate Supreme Court,” Markey said.

But not everyone stands behind the legislation.

Rep. John Joyce, a Republican, believes the bill was rushed to the floor and had zero oversight. Other Republican lawmakers have argued that the bill is too broad, in part, because it protects access to abortion pills.

“This is an extreme bill and from a desperate majority,” Rep. Marrianette Miller said last week.

Some states have already restricted access to contraception following the Supreme Court’s ruling by cutting off public funding.

Markey said attacks on health care, especially reproductive health care, fall the hardest on historically marginalized communities.

“To my anti-choice, Republican colleagues, I say this. If you would deprive an American of choosing whether or not to end their pregnancy, how could you also decide the tools to prevent a pregnancy in the first place?” Markey asked. “Here is the unspoken answer: They want to exert control over the bodies of others, especially the bodies of women.”

Sens. Jack Reed and Sheldon Whitehouse are both cosponsors of the legislation.

The senators recently joined their colleagues in introducing the “Expanding Access to Family Planning Act,” which they believe would protect access to reproductive health services, including birth control, cancer screenings and more.

The senators said the bill would provide $500 million in mandatory federal funding for Title X services for each of the next ten fiscal years.

“Republican efforts to chip away at access to birth control and cut funding for Title X has left health clinics with limited resources to meet the growing need for contraceptive care,” Reed said in a statement. “This bill will protect women’s access to contraception and help ensure every woman, regardless of economic status, can get the contraceptive coverage she needs.”

“Strengthening Title X will ensure that women in Rhode Island and across our country have access to affordable family planning and preventative health care services,” Whitehouse added.

In addition to funding for Title X services, the bill’s sponsors said it would:

  • Deliver $50 million in mandatory funding for clinic construction, renovation, and related infrastructure enhancements for each of the next 10 fiscal years.
  • Reinstate regulations prohibiting discrimination of providers who deliver Title X services.
  • Require that pregnancy counseling include information about prenatal care and delivery, infant care, foster care, adoption, and pregnancy termination, unless a patient does not have any interest in receiving information about an option.