PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WPRI) – Providence police say a city man who was arrested after police found a pair of brass knuckles and a doubled-bladed folding knife in his possession yelled a racial slur at a police officer while he was being detained.

Miguel Lugo, 53, was arrested early Monday morning near Sisson Street and Atwells Avenue, according to an incident report. Lugo was allegedly driving slowly nearly two juvenile males on bikes.

The boys told police Lugo was following them. When Lugo was questioned by two officers, he said, “What? I can’t talk to them?”

When Lugo was searched, officers found a silver Batman-shaped folding knife in his pocket and brass knuckles in the vehicle.

He allegedly yelled a racial slur at an African-American officer and told the cop to not touch him.

Lugo was scheduled to appear in court Monday.