EAST PROVIDENCE, RI (WPRI) – A local police department said the mobile game that has swept the nation is giving them problems.

Members of the East Providence Police Department said “Pokemon Go” has been drawing huge crowds of people to local parks after hours.

Walter Gilmore, an East Providence resident, said he takes his dog for walks at one of these parks and often passes Pokemon Go players.

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“There must be 500 people walking along the sidewalks and in between the carousel and blount looking at their phones like zombies, like they’re in their own little world. It’s crazy. Absolutely crazy. You couldn’t believe it,” he said.

Officers say they have responded to several calls about the crowds.

“They are very peaceful, they’re not causing problems, but it is in a public area – in public parks – and people who live in those areas do deserve to have their rest at night,” said Maj. William Nebus of the East Providence Police Department. “Our parks do close at 9 p.m. and just to have 200 people lurking in overnight hours is not peaceful to the residents.”

Police said they do not plan to issue citations to Pokemon players in the parks after hours unless damage, vandalism, or other problems occur.