(WPRI) — Just in time for the return of quarterback Tom Brady, a football team that seems very, very similar to the New England Patriots will be featured this week on “The Simpsons,” when Homer, Marge and the family visit Boston.

The plot, according to programming notes from the Fox Broadcasting Network:

The “Boston Americans” football team has apparently gotten so popular that even Bart roots for them, instead of Springfield’s team, the Atoms. Homer then takes the family on what he calls a “hate-cation” to prove to Bart that Boston is a horrible city.

The hatred melts, however, when Homer discovers a uniquely New England pastime. He grows to love candlepin bowling because, as showrunner Al Jean told Entertainment Weekly, “you can get three balls when you bowl.”

One spoiler: at least once, the “Americans” appear to take a narrow win over Springfield, in one promotional image from the network — though their coach, scowling underneath his hooded sweatshirt with his arms crossed, doesn’t appear enthused.

It’s not Bill Belichick. Honest.

Neither is a player with an aquiline nose, named “Bonkowski,” his tongue lolling out of his mouth, wearing a number 78 jersey, any relation to Rob Gronkowski.

Neither is a handsome brown-haired player wearing number 12 any relation to … you get the idea.

The show airs Sunday, October 9, at 8 p.m. on Fox Providence — after the Patriots play the Cleveland Browns at 1 p.m. on WPRI 12.

“I think people from Boston will be very thrilled how thorough it is in its depiction of Boston,” Jean told Entertainment Weekly.

Guest stars lending their voices to the animated episode include Harvard graduate, historian and political commentator Doris Kearns Goodwin, and comedian and Hopedale, Mass. native Dana Gould.

For his part, getting animated is old hat for Brady. He guest-starred as himself on “The Simpsons” in 2005, and the following year on “Family Guy.”

Brady is set to return to the field Sunday in the Patriots’ matchup against the Browns after a four-game suspension for his role in the use of deflated footballs in a 2014 championship game.