PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WPRI) — A local attorney who manages a century-old industrial building in Providence was trying to sell or lease the property before it was decimated by fire.

Crews battled the flames at the corner of Kinsley and Sims Avenues late Monday night through much of Tuesday. The five-alarm fire was so bad that the Department of Environmental Management had to issue an Air Quality Alert as a result of all the smoke in the air.

Records from the Providence Tax Assessor’s office indicate that in 2008 MLG Kinsley Ave LLC took over the 96,000 square-foot property, which was assessed at $1.2 million. A search on the Secretary of State’s website revealed that local attorney Robert Stolzman is the manager of the company.

According to their quarterly filing, MLG Kinsley Ave LLC acquires, owns, leases, sells, and manages real estate. A brokerage company confirmed to us that Stolzman has been trying to sell or lease the building.

Eyewitness News reached out to Stolzman, who declined to comment on the matter.

A person who said she was a family member of Stolzman was at the scene of the fire Tuesday. She said that even though the structure was old and vacant, it was up to code, complete with fire sprinklers and heating to make sure the pipes didn’t freeze.

She also said the building was always locked.

If the name Robert Stolzman sounds familiar, it may be because he was an attorney for the Economic Development Corporation (EDC) when the 38 Studios deal was struck. He’s now a named defendant in the state’s ongoing lawsuit against the failed video game company.