PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WPRI) — Some Providence police officers paid it forward after a thief took something special from a young girl.

Mayra Feliz, 10, was shopping with her mom at a Providence Walgreens when her beloved bike, a gift from her step-father, was taken as it sat outside the building.

“When I realized this teenager was going ahead and taking my bike and said that’s my bike,” Mayra Feliz explained.

It’s not an unusual story, but still a crushing moment for a child.

When police officers responded to the incident, they knew the bicycle was long gone. So, they pooled their money together.

“They couldn’t find my bike, so they bought me a new one,” Feliz said.

The new bike is a slick Schwinn with purple paint, butterflies and white tires.

Feliz was naturally ecstatic and said it’s awesome.

“I’ve never had nobody do that for me and that’s the first time somebody spent their money for me. That’s very awesome,” added Feliz. “If I would do that to somebody and see the smile on their face, I would be proud of myself.”

When Eyewitness News spoke with Mayra, she was sitting next to her parents who are both deaf. Mayra translated her mother’s emotions.

“She’s happy they got me a new bike. She says ‘thank God.”

After a few officers fully embraced the Christmas spirit, Mayra said she would love to find a way to pay it forward and make someone else’s day.