PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WPRI) — A solar storm is sparking a spectacular show in the sky.

The Northern Lights were visible across the country on Tuesday night, and many New Englanders got to see the breath-taking phenomenon.

And although temperatures were frigid, that did not stop viewers from pointing their cameras at the sky.

Greg Hinson recorded spectacular views of the aurora in Nantucket, while Jamie Walter got some great shots at Sugarloaf Mountain in Maine.

Matthew Cappucci shot an incredible time lapse of the event from Bourne on Cape Cod.

Charles Goiun, a Chepatchet native, took an incredible photo in Spencer, Mass.

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The amazing colors are a product of a coronal mass ejection that emanated from the sun recently.

The ejection caused a group of highly charged particles to head towards Earth’s atmosphere — it sounds dangerous, but it poses no threat to our health, though the particles can interfere with satellite and electronic communications.

The most noticeable side effects of the storm were the incredible colors.

And Meteorologist Pete Mangione says the storm might not be over — New Englanders may have another change to catch the amazing view on Wednesday night.