Time stopped in Connecticut on the morning of December 14th, 2012. It just stopped. As events unfurled at a beautiful elementary school in Newtown right before Christmas, and we started hearing about what was happening in Sandy Hook, we all remember where we were, what we were doing and just kept shaking our heads and were in tears and were in shock. And the families of those 26 innocent people went numb. As reporters, we covered the facts of what was happening in horror. I wondered about the first responders and the fear and the sadness that shook our state and the globe. Here we are three years later, I wonder about the families and the friends of those we lost. I have talked to some of the families and friends on my own, such dear, dear people with holes in their hearts forever. Nobody drives past a Newtown or Sandy Hook sign without stopping to catch their breath at what happened there. The town is doing the best it can to heal. As a reporter and a Mom and someone who has covered the state for 30 years, time still stops for me on this day and it will forever. These could be anybody’s children, these were Connecticut’s children.

https://youtu.be/lLhF36XqRToPost originally appeared on WTNH.com