ST. CLAIR, Mo. (KTVI) – Brianna Coppage, a former Missouri high school teacher, says she made nearly $1 million from the OnlyFans account that got her in trouble with her school system.

Coppage, who was an English teacher and cheerleading coach at St. Clair High School, was placed on leave from the school and ultimately resigned. Nexstar’s KTVI first learned she was placed on leave in September after reportedly supplementing her teaching salary using the account on the adult content platform.

In a recent FOX News digital report, Coppage revealed that she made almost $1 million from the account. She clarified that the account had no connection to her work responsibilities through the school district and that she invested in it exclusively during her personal time.

Coppage also revealed that various financial challenges played a role in making the account.

“I started it, one, to supplement my income, see what happens, and possibly make extra money,” Coppage said. “I have student loans. I was working on my third degree. I have a master’s degree in education and was also working on my special-ed degree.”

“Teachers typically get further education because it moves us up on the salary schedule, so we can make more money if we have an advanced degree,” she continued. “So that was one of the motivations there. I’m going to accrue more student loan debt if I’m trying to get further education for my job. It was definitely not completely financially motivated, but it was a big factor.”

Coppage says she doesn’t have any regrets over the decision to resign. She expressed that people should be allowed to separate activities in their personal lives from their careers.

“It’s okay for people to be different and have different beliefs,” said Coppage. “I’m not going to convince someone who thinks that this is wrong that this is okay. That’s not what I’m here to do. But I just think if we all gave each other a little bit more grace and accepted that people are different, maybe the world would be a better place.”

Coppage told FOX News that she never once said or hinted anything to students about the account. She says it was not found by students, but rather by a group of adults who shared a link to her account in a community group.

Was it illegal?

Is it illegal for a teacher or educator to have an OnlyFans account? Even if done separately from work responsibilities?

It’s complicated, but the topic was tackled by The Educator Online, an Australian education news website, earlier this year before Coppage resigned.

The main conclusion: The legality of an adult content platform, like OnlyFans, largely depends on laws and regulations within one’s jurisdiction in addition to policies of their school district or employer.

Many school districts and educational institutions often have codes of conduct on what kind of activities are and aren’t allowed. Even if not specifically within the bylaws, experts say “having an OnlyFans account may create specific risk in regulated professions,” per The Educator Online.

Even if the account wasn’t accessed by a student, parent, or school official, it could present safeguarding risks for anyone linked to the educational institution, experts argued.

“Schools should be confirming their expectations on recruitment and annually as part of safeguarding or code of conduct training,” Megan Kavanagh, an employment and safety lawyer told The Educator. “Staff might be asked to confirm their social media presence and that their presence is in keeping with the Code of Conduct or relevant social media policy.”

Meanwhile, a second teacher at St. Clair High School was reportedly placed on leave in late October over an OnlyFans account as well, and further consequences remain to be determined in her case.