(KTLA) – Singer and songwriter Chris Brown announced he will be leaving the Golden State, joining a growing list of other celebrities and public figures who announced similar plans.

Brown took to his Instagram stories to announce the news, saying, “L.A. it has been fun. Cali will always be my second home, but I think it’s time for me to try something different.”

The news of Brown leaving California was first announced by TMZ.

Other celebrities, including Mark Wahlberg, Scott Baio, Dean Cain and more, have announced plans to leave the Golden State in recent years.

Hollywood A-list celebrities and public figures aren’t the only ones saying goodbye to the Golden State; other residents are leaving, too.

A report from Storage Café found that 111,000 people, or 300 per day, decided to move from California to Texas in 2021.

A Redfin study found that about 25.5% of its 2 million users, or 510,000 people, have looked into moving between April to June 2023.

Unsurprisingly, prospective home buyers in San Francisco, Los Angeles and New York looked into leaving those metro areas more than any other places in the country, most likely due to the high housing costs.

The exodus of California residents, which has been a thing for years, gained traction during the pandemic as permanent remote work became a reality for many employees.

No longer saddled with the burden of living in high-cost cities, many people moved to cities in more affordable states like Nevada, Texas and Arizona.