(WJW) — Some Social Security recipients can expect a second payment before the end of the week.

Supplemental Security Income (SSI) recipients have received two benefit disbursements so far this month: the first SSI disbursement on March 1 and the regular Social Security payment on the second, third or fourth Wednesday, depending on their birth date.

The third disbursement is due on Friday, March 31, according to the Social Security Administration.

There’s typically only one SSI payment each month, paid out on the first of the month. But if that day falls on a weekend or holiday, it arrives on the last business day before the end of the month. This year, April 1 is a Saturday.

This also means there won’t be an SSI payment in April.

Eligible SSI recipients include adults age 65 and older who have limited income or resources, and also adults and children with a disability or blindness.

The double monthly SSI payments will come down three other times this year: June 30, Sept. 29, and Dec. 29, according to the administration’s calendar.

SSI payment amounts for 2023 are $914 for individuals (for a total of $10,970) and $1,371 for couples (for a total of $16,453). The maximum amount increased 8.7% in January to account for the cost of living.

As lawmakers approach a looming debt ceiling deadline, the fight over what to do about entitlement programs like Medicare and Social Security has continued to play out across party lines.

Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid currently make up nearly half of the entire federal budget, with a total annual price tag of $2.7 trillion.

The Hill’s Julia Mueller and Stephen Neukam contributed to this report.