SOUTH COUNTY, R.I. (WPRI) — An interaction between a female bobcat and her kitten was recorded on a trail camera set up in southern Rhode Island.

Elise Torello tells 12 News she’s been “camera trapping” for almost six years. The idea stemmed from her interest in seeing what types of animals are roaming around near her home.

“I began with a very inexpensive camera, but was quickly disappointed with the poor quality of video and slow camera trigger speed,” she added.

Torello said if the trigger speed is too slow, the animals would often be gone before the video started recording.

Torello now has five cameras in the woods around her property which are secured in locked security boxes.

“I see all of the very common animals you would expect in RI: squirrels, deer, rabbits, red foxes, raccoons, and coyotes,” Torello said.

Sometimes, according to Torello, the cameras capture animals that aren’t as common such as bobcats, fishers, minks, weasels, flying squirrels, river otters, muskrats, and even an occasional gray fox, but surprisingly no bear sightings as of yet.

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However, Torello said some of her most interesting captures have been birds, which include:

  • A great blue heron catching and eating a large mouth bass
  • A great horned owl catching a large mouth bass
  • Multiple species of birds including prey, waterfowl, and songbirds

“One of the reasons I love doing this is knowing how much my friends appreciate my videos,” Torello added. “They tell me all the time how much they enjoy seeing the animals out there doing their thing, unaware they are being recorded.”

Torello said her hope is that if people get to see a bobcat, coyote, or fisher, they’ll be thankful and not fearful of these wild animals.

See more videos on Torello’s YouTube page.