WARWICK, R.I. (WPRI) — The Warwick Fire Department is planning on hiring 20 additional firefighters thanks to a federal grant.

The $6,321,969 in federal funding will help the department meet its staffing needs, according to Sen. Jack Reed.

Reed and Rep. Jim Langevin helped secure the funding for the department, which currently has 195 firefighters.

The federal funding will help ensure that the department is appropriately staffed at all times, according to Reed, which will in turn minimize firefighter fatigue and injuries that can result from longer shifts in under-staffed departments.

Reed described the federal funding as “great news” for the city.

“When there is a fire, accident, or emergency, our firefighters always answer the call,” Reed said. “Their assistance can mean the difference between life and death for the people who need their services. These federal funds will help ensure the Warwick Fire Department is fully staffed up and ready to go,:

“Adding these additional firefighters will help effectively protect the community and improve fire service and emergency response,” he continued.

Warwick Fire Chief Peter McMichael thanked the lawmakers for securing the funding.

“Their efforts are more important than ever as municipalities struggle with unprecedented cost increases in emergency lifesaving equipment and vehicles,” McMichael said.