CRANSTON, R.I. (WPRI) — The Rhode Island Emergency Management Agency (RIEMA) has received approximately $1.1 million to put toward renovating its Cranston headquarters.

Sen. Jack Reed secured $525,000 in federal funding for the project, while the state provided a matching contribution.

The money will be used to upgrade and expand RIEMA’s headquarters on New London Avenue.

“This is a smart investment that gives RIEMA the opportunity to create the flexible, adaptive, and resilient [emergency operations center] it needs, with sufficient space and advanced technology and equipment,” Reed said. “Ultimately, it will protect the public by ensuring emergency response teams can get information sooner, solve problems quicker, and dispatch critical resources to needed areas at a faster rate.”

The money will be used to install state-of-the-art phone systems and computer networks, as well as increase radio access, satellite communications and teleconferencing capabilities.

Reed said renovations to the building itself will include sound proofing walls, enhanced lighting and “other upgrades designed to streamline and enhance the functionality, connectivity and security of the facility.”

In addition, the money will be put toward constructing a Joint Information Center, which Reed described as a separate space dedicated to media briefings during emergencies.

“This is about enhancing public safety, improving our emergency response capabilities, and ensuring RIEMA has the tools it needs to effectively respond in emergencies and assist with recovery efforts,” Reed said.

The facility first opened in 2006, and Reed said the last time it was renovated was in 2010.

The renovations are expected to begin this spring. RIEMA expects the renovations to be completed within a year of the start date.