CRANSTON, R.I. (WPRI) — One Rhode Island State Rep. is introducing a bill once again to allow civilians to own stun guns.

Rep. Charlene Lima said a stun gun is a great form of defense and can create time for victims to escape dangerous situations. She introduced the bill for the first time last year, but the bill never made it out of the committee.

“You’re defending yourself and every individual should have that right,” Lima said.

Stun guns are currently banned in Rhode Island. According to Lima, allowing people to carry stun guns would help prevent attacks from unfolding.

“Some people do not want to carry a lethal weapon, but they want to be able to defend themselves,” Lima said.

Rhode Island is one of the only a few states that completely outlaws the ownership of stun guns.

Massachusetts was also on that list, until earlier this week when the Massachusetts Supreme Court deemed the restriction “unconstitutional.” The state is now in the process of re-writing the law to allow stun guns.

Empowered by the ruling in Massachusetts, Lima decided to introduce the bill again.

“This is the direction our country is going, it’s almost every single state,” Lima said.

The president of the Rhode Island Second Amendment Coalition said they are in favor of the idea as long as people are licensed. But Lima doesn’t believe having a license is necessary. She believes people should be allowed to buy a stun gun once they are of age, like they can in other states.

Eyewitness News reached out to Attorney General Peter Kilmartin’s office to find out if he opposed the legislation the last time Lima introduced the bill, but have not heard back.