CRANSTON, R.I. (WPRI) — A Rhode Island senator was arrested Thursday for allegedly vandalizing another person’s vehicle at Garden City Center.

Cranston police say Sen. Joshua Miller, a Democrat, is suspected of “keying” the victim’s SUV in the parking lot around 3:30 p.m.

The SUV’s owner and passenger told police they were walking back to their vehicle when they heard a loud scratching noise and saw a man with keys in his hand. After noticing a lengthy scratch on the door, they asked the man if he had keyed the vehicle, but he denied it and walked away.

Police said the victim identified Miller as the suspect, having looked him up online after seeing a “Re-Elect Josh Miller” sticker on the back of the truck parked next to theirs.

About two hours later, police located Miller, who again denied damaging the victim’s SUV, which had an anti-Biden bumper sticker on it. Miller also claimed the victim had threatened him, according to police, saying he thought the man was one of the “gun nuts” who’s allegedly been stalking him at the State House.

Photos: Cranston Police Department

Miller, 69, told police he believed the man recognized him from his work on gun safety legislation.

The victim was called back to the scene and confirmed Miller was the man they saw near their vehicle, police said. Officers then reviewed surveillance video, which was consistent with the victim’s account.

Police later confronted Miller with that evidence at his home. He admitted to vandalizing the vehicle, police said, further claiming its owner had been yelling at him and “dared him” to do it.

Miller was taken into custody on a misdemeanor vandalism charge.

“Nobody is above the law, including those who make and enforce the laws,” Cranston Police Chief Michael Winquist said in a news release Friday. “The officers who handled this investigation did so with fairness, integrity, and without preferential treatment.”

Miller was released on $1,000 personal recognizance following his arraignment. He’s due back in court July 18.

His attorney, John MacDonald, told 12 News his client won’t be commenting on the matter until the legal proceedings have concluded.

Meanwhile, Rhode Island GOP Chairman Joe Powers is urging Miller to resign.

“This behavior is unbecoming of anyone holding a leadership position,” Powers said in a social media post. “State Senator Joshua Miller has proven once again the he does not have the composure required to represent every constituent in his district and must resign immediately.”

Miller previously came under fire for cursing at a gun rights advocate during a 2014 rally at the State House which was captured on video and posted online. He later apologized for the outburst.